QR codes for restaurant food allergy information are a hit

QR Codes on Cereal

Quick response codes are proving to be very appealing to patrons with allergies. Last month, MADgreens announced that it would be using QR codes through a Gipsee Inc. service to help to provide its customers with better information regarding food allergens that may be located in the products they sell. Since that time, the program has become exceptionally popular. The food selection at MADgreens now provides detailed information regarding allergy data for smartphone using customers to view by scanning the associated QR codes with their mobile devices. This is a…

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QR codes provide restaurants with food allergy solution

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Gipsee service, based on quick response barcodes, are playing a new healthy role. Gipsee Inc. has introduced a new service using QR codes, in cooperation with the MADgreens restaurant chain based in Denver, Colorado, to help guests to better inform themselves regarding potential food allergens. This will help smartphone users to make better food choices based on their allergies and food restrictions. Gipsee is based in Aurora, Colorado, and came up with the new innovative way to put QR codes to good use and will now be implementing the service…

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