Customers are done with QR code menus, so restaurants are getting rid of them

QR code menus - Ordering at a Restaurant

Though helpful throughout the pandemic, diners are no longer interested in scanning barcodes. QR code menus may have been helpful and popular throughout the worst of the pandemic, but restaurant customers are no longer interested in scanning, and those businesses are taking notice. Many restaurants are switching back to physical menus, because their customers prefer them. A recent The New York Times report showed that restaurants are dumping the QR code menus they had been using throughout the worst of the pandemic, because their customers simply don’t want to use…

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Square QR codes launch, allowing diners to order from their restaurant tables

Square QR codes - Square pay machine and a mobile phone

The system was developed to help provide restaurants with a new way to operate during the pandemic. Square QR codes are offering restaurants a new way to keep operating by making it possible for diners to peruse the menu, order the food they want, and pay without ever having to interact with a server. The barcodes themselves aren’t unique but combining them with the point of sale system makes a difference. The pandemic has caused many restaurants to use quick response barcodes to replace printed menus. This helps to reduce…

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Restaurant QR codes play central role in Chef Jean-Georges NYC reopening

Restaurant QR codes - People sitting at tables inside restaurant

The celebrity chef is using the highly popular technique to limit contact as locations open. Celebrity chef and world-famous restauranteur Jean-Georges Vongerichten is using restaurant QR codes as he prepares to reopen his New York City locations. These establishments have had their doors shut for over three months and are getting ready to open up. The city’s predictions are that there will be about 5,000 eating establishments that will start to offer outdoor dining as a component of the city’s phase 2 reopening. The dining industry is among those that…

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QR codes to be printed on LA County inspection cards

edible qr codes restaurant

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is using quick response codes for easier info access. The Los Angeles County Department of Public health has now implemented a new strategy including QR codes in order to make it easier for restaurant customers to be able to check the inspection history of a location before they head inside and order a meal. The quick response codes have been added to the latest form of the grading cards to offer expanded information. The grade card will now provide a restaurant with…

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QR codes help restaurant patrons to view inspection results

Restaurants using QR codes mobile payments

Customers who want to eat out in Sudbury, Canada can now use cell phones to learn more about their top choices. While restaurants in Sudbury, Canada, have had to undergo inspections for some time now, a new service is allowing customers to be able to see the disclosed information about the results of those inspections by scanning QR codes located on the signage displayed in the business windows. There are special decals being added to the windows of Sudbury restaurants featuring quick response codes. The Direct Health Unit has now…

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