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Quick response codes are expected to take off this year as they never have before.

QR codes and other forms of two dimensional barcodes that are compatible with mobile devices (such as smartphone and tablets, among others) are expected to achieve broad scale use among consumers, this year, after having been consistently popular among brands and marketers for some time now.

These quick response codes provide consumers with rapid and direct access to information, deals, and more.

Consumers are looking for a better and faster way to gain access to what is relevant to them. Entering URLs on a touchscreen keyboard is time consuming and frustrating. By providing QR codes as an alternative, the device can be redirected to the appropriate page with a single scan through any of a vast array of free scanning apps that are available for virtually every mobile operating system.

That said, simply posting QR codes won’t mean that consumers will suddenly flock to your company.

qr codesTo get the very most out of QRcodes, they must be used properly. There are steps that every application of the 2D barcodes must include. No matter where they are posted or what they will provide the consumer, the following should always be present:

• Invite the consumer to scan the barcode – as popular as they may be, there is still a learning curve to be overcome. Enlighten consumers by letting them know that the black and white pixilated square is something that they can use with their smartphones or other mobile devices.

• Link the QRcode to something relevant – if a scan simply leads to a homepage, then the odds are that the consumer won’t care very much. Remember that this is a smartphone user. He or she is likely on the go. Instead, the page where the consumer lands will need to be powerful, useful, and relevant.

• Use a call to action – a barcode alone doesn’t tell the consumer anything. If you want the consumer to scan it, then give them a reason to do so. Invite them to scan to receive a discount coupon, an exclusive offer, or more information about a displayed product. Give them a reason to do what you hope they will!

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