QR code magazine launched in France, marking a transition in traditional print media

QR Code Magazine Video

*Video in French

As QR codes continue to penetrate the print industry, more magazines have begun making use of the codes for more than just marketing. Some magazine publishers have taken to using the codes to link to online content, but only very few have gone so far as to fill their entire magazine with the barcodes. Frabrice Le Peutrec, an entrepreneur from France, has created a new magazine that is almost exclusively comprised of QR codes. The magazine is named QweekR.

The new, bi-weekly 16-page magazine features a multitude of QR codes. Each code links to a mobile website where readers can find full articles on a range of topics. Some of the codes also contain pictures or advertisements. The first issue of QweekR was published on December 15, 2012, and was purchased by over 3,000 consumers. The magazine has, thus far, been funded by advertisers local to the Nantes and Loire Atlantique regions of France.

In 2008, a similarly coded magazine was launched in Japan dubbed Tada Gets. The magazine featured a large amount of QR codes, but did not rely on the codes to distribute its content. Qweekr is not void of text, of course, as each code is accompanied by a short summary paragraph describing the content embedded in the codes, but the magazines primary focus is to drive traffic to the QweekR website.

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