Online and mobile commerce are feeling the love

mobile commerce shopping

Now, more than ever before, people are looking to their computing devices to shop.

According to the results of a recently published global study, mobile commerce is rapidly gaining in acceptance among consumers as they look to their smartphones and tablets for discounts, product reviews, associate assistance and shopping maps.

The study also showed that shoppers enjoy using m-commerce location based features in-store.

The shoppers using mobile commerce appreciate having WiFi available to them when they are shopping in a brick and mortar shop. The research was conducted by Zebra Technologies, which determined that 51 percent of shoppers feel that they are quite interested in taking advantage of mobile coupons. Equally, another 45 percent said that they were interested in using shopping maps, and an additional 41 are interested in associate assistance.

Of the study participants, 76 percent of consumers around the world felt positive about mobile commerce.

mobile commerce shoppingThis didn’t necessarily mean that they were using it, yet, but they did express that they had positive feelings toward it. Moreover, almost half of the study participants felt that online and mobile technology solutions are helpful to brick and mortar retailers and that they enhance the overall shopping experience.

Nick D’Alessio, of global retail solutions development at Zebra, explained that the findings of this recent study underscore the value of the One Store, One Experience campaign from the company in terms of focusing on the experience, delivery, and fulfillment from the brand, in addition to big data, loyalty, and store mobility for a transformation of the customer experience.

D’Alessio also pointed out that as the expectations from customers continue to rise, retailers are accepting that online and mobile commerce has never been more important. He said that “As online and mobile shopping become more prevalent and accepted worldwide, the importance of the customer experience remains high – as noted by the majority of respondents who would buy more merchandise from retailers they believe provide better customer service.” Mobile tech offers additional real-time visibility to customers so that they will be able to gain access to product, brand, and company information wherever they are and whenever they want it, including while in-store.

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