Mobile shopping cart abandonment greatly caused by a sense of “meh”

mobile shopping cart

A recent study showed that a leading cause of leaving without purchasing is “emotional ambivalence.” Browsing for products over various apps continues to be a growing pastime, but mobile shopping cart abandonment numbers remain as high as they ever were. According to the results of a recent study, the reason people are filling their carts and then leaving them without making a purchase has to do with “emotional ambivalence.” While certain factors encourage people to add items to their carts, they often stop at that point. The research indicated that…

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Mobile commerce customer satisfaction is dropping

omnichannel commerce mobile shopping habits desktop

Even though smartphone based shopping is gaining more quickly in popularity than desktop, people aren’t happy with it. Mobile commerce customer satisfaction is on its way downward, according to new research. In fact, this has been the trend over the last two years, even though people are using it more often. Recent predictions indicate that half of all online purchases will be over mobile channels by 2018. Vanson Bourne recently conducted research on behalf of LogMeIn. What they found was that mobile devices will drive half of all purchase in…

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Online and mobile commerce are feeling the love

mobile commerce shopping

Now, more than ever before, people are looking to their computing devices to shop. According to the results of a recently published global study, mobile commerce is rapidly gaining in acceptance among consumers as they look to their smartphones and tablets for discounts, product reviews, associate assistance and shopping maps. The study also showed that shoppers enjoy using m-commerce location based features in-store. The shoppers using mobile commerce appreciate having WiFi available to them when they are shopping in a brick and mortar shop. The research was conducted by Zebra…

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Mobile payments continue to grow in the UK

Mobile Payments for ipad

Report shows that mobile shopping is becoming a powerful force in the UK retail sector Changing shopping behavior among consumers in the United Kingdom shows that more people are beginning to favor mobile commerce over more traditional forms of commerce. A new report from IMRG Capgemini shows that mobile shopping is becoming a major force in the retail environment. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of mobile payments, which is making them more likely to shop for and purchase products from their mobile devices. Consumers are beginning to…

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Flipkart sees major success with mobile commerce

mobile commerce online shopping

Mobile shopping through Flipkart is beginning to gain momentum Flipkart, one of the largest e-commerce organizations in India, has been seeing an increase in mobile shopping recently. The firm has become a supporter of mobile commerce, claiming that mobile shopping is likely to be the future of retail. This week, the firm announced that a growing portion of the purchases it sees are coming from consumers with smartphones and tablets. Notably, smartphones are accounting for the majority of increasing mobile sales. More than 20% of Flipkatr’s orders are coming from…

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