Mobile marketing guide released by TapSense

mobile marketing guide

The latest version of the company’s publication is now out, providing users with guidance regarding the best techniques.

The second version of the TapSense mobile marketing guide has now been released, at a time in which it is even more clear that the publication of the first version, as consumers are now spending more than half of their online time on smartphone or tablets.

The conversion rates through mcommerce are also on the rise, showing that this channel has considerable potential.

According to recent data from the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council with studies from M/A/R/C Research, 79 percent of smartphone users shop using their devices, and 84 percent use their devices while they are in an actual store location. Therefore, marketers are seeking a mobile marketing guide such as this one on an increasing basis in order to help them to learn how to best appeal to these device users.

The mobile marketing guide that was just released is designed to answer a number of common questions.

mobile marketing guideThis is the second version of the TapSense Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing. It is, in essence, a report that underscores the trends in browsing and purchasing and that looks into the directions that it feels marketers and advertisers should be taking in terms of their efforts and their budgets in the current year. While it does provide statistics throughout the entire report, it is designed to be able to convert that data into a type of actionable advice.

For instance, the following are some of the suggestions made by this report:

• For marketers that are seeking to drive sales, it recommends that they not “waste” their time with Android Apps. Instead, it points out that 80 percent of mcommerce transactions are driven by Apple’s iOS devices. It explains this, in part, because of the income levels of the device users, saying that 41 percent of iOS users earn more than $100k per year, whereas only 24 percent of Android users can say the same.

• Smartphone and tablet focused advertising budgets should be focused on apps as opposed to mobile websites. The mobile commerce platform at TapSense registers a conversion rate that is 3 times greater on apps than on sites.

The mobile marketing guide offers many pieces of advice and suggestions with a usable level of detail.

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