Mobile marketing costs are rising, says Fiksu

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This channel is becoming more expensive, as per the latest statistics from November.

According to Fiksu, a user acquisition and marketing firm, and its most recent Cost per Loyal User and App Store Competitive Indexes release, mobile marketing costs are on the rise, as is the price tag associated with app downloads.

This data is significant as it is seen as the effect of the upcoming holiday season on expenses.

The app download and mobile marketing costs indexes are considered to be a reflection of the start of the actual holiday season, including Black Friday, which is the most important shopping day of the year, until that point. Notable increases were measured by Fiksu in terms of the amount that had to be spent in order to reach people for the holiday season, this year.

When comparing the mobile marketing costs from October to November, there was a notable rise.

mobile marketing costs Fiksu reportThe Cost per Loyal User Index from Fiksu indicated that from October to November, there had been a 10 percent increase. This brought it from having been $1.63 to a notably higher $1.79. The definition of a loyal user as per Fiksu’s terms is an individual who has opened an app a minimum of three times after having downloaded it. When compared to last year during the same month, the figure represents an increase of a dramatic 25 percent. The prediction that the firm has now made regarding the costs that will have been paid in December is that it will have increased only slightly, to reach $1.80.

The App Store Competitive Index at Fiksu also experienced a slight increase from October to November. That index takes a measure of the average number of daily downloads that are made of the leading free 200 apps for iPhone in the United States. It showed that in November, there were an average of 5.7 million downloads every day in November, which was an increase over October’s 5.6 million daily downloads. Year over year, this represented a rise by 30 percent.

Similar to the predictions for the mobile marketing costs, Fiksu also feels that the figure will have climbed higher for downloads, as well.

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