Mobile payments get a boost from PayPal

Paypal mobile payments

In their overall expansion of digital transactions, they have also streamlined their e-checkout process.

Last year, PayPal made mobile payments news headlines with its announcement of Beacon as it promised to help to enhance the overall location based experience for brick and mortar stores and their shoppers, and now it is making them again by expanding their efforts for online transactions as a whole.

Even as the company pushes its way into offline retail, it is keeping up with mobile e commerce.

This week, PayPal launched a new checkout experience for merchants whose customers shop online, to make it easier for those shoppers to be able to checkout once they’ve selected the items that they’d like to buy. The “pay with PayPal” option that is now available in the checkout process at an online store will now allow the consumer to be able to log into his or her PayPal account without having to first go to a PayPal page. The entire process will take place on the site of the retailer.

Some shoppers are pleased with this step as it makes mobile payments easier when shopping on smartphones.

Paypal mobile paymentsAccording to the PayPal vice president of retail services, Don Kingsborough, “merchants only need to do one integration to get the same seamless checkout experience on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.” This announcement was made along with a number of other upgrade, online, and mobile development releases, at the annual convention of the National Retail Federation.

At the same time, some consumers have expressed some concern over safety, as they may trust PayPal but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel safe with the retailer’s website. Many people choose to shop using PayPal to pay for their online purchases because they are hesitant to provide their credit card data to an online merchant. Having to be redirected to PayPal to log into the account gave users the feeling of added security that they may or may not be able to experience if they have to enter their account data directly on the retailer’s site.

That said, PayPal is only testing this updated online and mobile payments checkout system at the moment and only a handful of partners will have it available to them for the first half of 2014.

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