Mobile commerce problematic to many shoppers

Mobile Commerce Trends

Many people who shop over their smartphones are dissatisfied with the problems they find on sites.

According to Harris Interactive, 30 percent of all consumers who use mobile commerce will not return to shop at a site where they have experienced problems in the past, meaning that nearly a third are not willing to give a site a second chance.

Among American smartphone owners, 71 percent say that they are using their devices for shopping purposes.

Among those people who are using mobile commerce, 88 percent claim that they have experienced some form of negative issue when they used their smartphone to shop. This, according to the Harris Interactive study, which surveyed 2,085 people in the United States.

Mobile Commerce TrendsCompanies need to realize that they often have one chance to make a good mobile commerce impression.

Thirty percent of people who shop over mobile commerce channels and who say that they have had a negative experience also say that they would not ever return to the site of the retailer where they were disappointed. The Harris Interactive study was conducted on behalf of Skava, a technology provider.

Moreover, another 29 percent of smartphone owners said that if they had an unpleasant mobile commerce experience, it would be at least 6 months before they would be willing to give that site a second chance. Another 33 percent said that they would go to a competitor right away if they were having a negative experience. Thirty six percent said that they would give up on the purchase altogether.

According to the Harris report, one of the issues that could be driving this problem is that retailers are not offering responsive web designs or specific mobile commerce sites that make certain that purchases can be easily and properly processed over smartphones. It stated that attempting to shop over a smartphone’s tiny screen and different capabilities when using a standard website is exceptionally challenging in most situations.

Among the companies on the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, 64 percent offer mobile commerce apps or websites and among those on the Internet Retailer Second 500 Guide, 39 percent offer apps or sites for smartphones.

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