Mobile commerce experience fails to wow consumers

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The latest poll has shown that shoppers are not satisfied with what buying on smartphones has to offer.

According to the results of a survey that has just been released, the majority of consumers are displeased with the experience that they are receiving when they are using mobile commerce.

The survey involved the participation of over 2,000 smartphone and tablet using shoppers.

The Skava survey was conducted by Harris Interactive. It indicated that an overwhelming 88 percent of consumers had an unpleasant mobile commerce experience, and that among them, 30 percent had vowed not to return to the website where the objectionable situation had occurred.

Mobile Commerce SurveyThe poll illustrates the importance of providing a positive mobile commerce experience to encourage consumers to return.

The survey was conducted for Skava, a retail app, website, and interactive display developer. It also revealed that 71 percent of smartphone owners use their devices in some part of the shopping experience. At the same time, though 51 percent feel that the average retailer website is difficult to navigate. Another 46 percent said that the websites didn’t have product images that were large enough to help them make purchasing decisions. Moreover, 41 percent stated that they had concerns over security when shopping with the sites, and 26 percent said that the process at the checkout is “a pain”.

Additional challenges over mobile commerce that were identified by the participants in the survey included the cost of data usage, the site loading speeds, and the struggles in adding coupon codes. Furthermore, some consumers felt that smartphone optimized websites sell products at a higher price, while others stated that they were concerned that they would click the wrong buttons while they are making their purchases.

The president and co-founder of Skava, Arish Ali, said that “The sudden rise in the number of visitors accessing retailers’ websites from mobile took many retailers by surprise.” Ali added that “They quickly created a mobile [commerce site] as a first response, but the initial bounce rates were high and conversion rates low, leaving many retailers thinking that people didn’t have an appetite to buy from mobile.”

He indicated that it’s not just a matter of creating a mobile commerce presence, but is instead important to create an experience for the consumer that is easy to use and that keeps the unique attributes of smartphones and tablets in mind.

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