Mobile commerce is becoming a vital part of the mom lifestyle

Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce momsThe requirement that moms have for multitasking suits the use of smartphones very effectively.

The results of a recent survey have revealed that when it comes to multitasking for moms in their busy lifestyles, mobile commerce plays a central role in being able to get the job done with the most convenience.

The survey showed that smartphones are crucial to juggling busy schedules and getting everything done.

The survey was conducted by Alliance Data Retail Services, a company that provides programs for marketing driven credit cards. What the firm discovered was that smartphones and the capabilities for mobile commerce, were being regularly used by moms who need assistance in getting everything done in their very hectic lives.

The mobile commerce survey studied the behaviors, attitudes, and opinions of moms with smartphones.

What the survey found was that when it came time to shop, moms would often pick up their smartphones and choose mobile commerce options instead of heading out in the car to make a purchase in store. Furthermore, it also discovered that the top reason that moms identified for using their smartphones for this purpose was that it was quick and easy to do so.

Moms are traditionally the main shoppers of a given household, in virtually every sector. This includes clothing, household products, groceries, and others. In order to save time and make all of the right decisions for their families, they are increasingly using mobile commerce to inform themselves, to compare prices, to find discount offers and coupons, to browse the websites of retailers, or even to make product purchases.

The survey showed that over half of all smartphone owning moms will use them for mobile commerce purposes of some shape or form at least one time every week. According to the Alliance Data Retail Services senior manager of marketing intelligence, Melody Gintert, “Moms are learning how to flex their spending power through tools such as mobile applications, and are using the phones’ powerful search and filtering capabilities to make informed purchasing decisions.”

Gintert went on to point out that although mobile commerce is a tool that is increasing in its importance for virtually everyone, this is especially true among moms.

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