Mcommerce growth driven by mom shoppers

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mom mcommerceParents are busier than ever and are using their mobile devices to purchase just about everything.

A recent survey that looked into the consumer behaviors of mothers has revealed that moms are among the primary users of mcommerce, as they use their smartphones and tablets to help to make purchases of many of the various products that they need on a regular basis.

It has been known for some time now that moms are leading the way in mcommerce trends.

The results of this recent survey have only managed to underscore the impact that moms are having on the trends and the use of mcommerce among consumers. Being able to shop over smartphones and tablets has moved on from being a convenient option to a virtual must have for today’s mothers.

The use of mcommerce by moms has helped to define the environment in a number of ways.

It is not only important for making the actual purchase, but is a vital element in the decision making process, as moms shop for deals, find coupons, and learn more about products through descriptions and reviews, all viewed over mcommerce websites and apps. These devices are no longer simply an accessory, but are now a vital part of their daily lives.

The eMarketer report on the survey said that this consumer behavior trend “has reached a tipping point.” Moms are being credited with this progress.

The Alt12 report showed that there has been a considerable increase in mcommerce since 2011. It showed that more than two thirds of American moms (70 percent) are using a mobile device to shop in some way. One third of mom said that they spend at least half of their total shopping time on their smartphone or tablet.

The survey also revealed that retailer apps are the most popular application among moms. They helped these consumers to make decisions regarding the products and services that they would be buying. It was also suggested in the report that because of this, retailers that don’t develop and maintain their mcommerce apps will discover that they are “at a major competitive disadvantage”.

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