Mobile commerce from Fandango sees 171 percent growth

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The sales of mobile tickets soared last year when compared to the data from the year before.

According to reports from Fandango, when comparing its figures from 2012 to those from 2011, it has seen an increase in its mobile commerce ticket sales by 171 percent.

Moreover, it has now experienced 31 million app downloads, according to the company.

This has made it clear that the movie ticketing industry is an important place for mobile commerce, and that it now has solid figures to back its claims for success. By using an app of this nature, consumers can find the films that they wish to see and locate them at nearby theaters. They can then make their ticket purchases without ever having to wait for the item to be shipped.

In some cases, the tickets that have been purchased over mobile commerce apps are sent to the device.

For example, a ticket that was purchased through a mobile commerce website may provide the consumer with QR codes that can be scanned by the ticket takers. This entirely eliminates the need to line up or to use paper, for that commerce movie tickets

This technology has placed Fandango at the very front of the mobile commerce ticketing industry, and its figures show that its efforts have been highly successful. At the moment, the company is reporting that over 30 percent of its total ticket sales are coming from purchases using devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Fandango did not provide its precise mobile commerce sales figures within its report. However, the Internet Retailer Mobile 400 has placed it in the number 16 spot for its estimated sales of $72 million throughout 2012.

Furthermore, throughout last year, the downloads of the app for the movie ticket seller increased by 50 percent when compared to the number of downloads from the year before. In fact, in total, the app has been downloaded approximately 31 million times, says the company. The iPhone app was among the first that Apple integrated into its Passbook mobile wallet app. That mobile commerce service was first launched with the iPhone 5 in September, last year.

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