QR codes used to remember World War I soldiers in the UK

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QR codes provide insight into the past lives of Canadian servicemen and women

QR codes are becoming a popular way to remember the past. Where once QR codes were used solely for marketing, they are now being used to recall fond memories of past loved ones. Such is the case in Bodelwyddan, a small community in Denbigshire, Wales. Bodelwyddan’s St. Margaret’s Church has been using QR codes to commemorate 80 Canadian war graves, honoring those that served during World War I. The codes are designed to help family and loved ones, as well as anyone visiting the area, to find more information concerning those laid to rest.

Codes recall history of 17,000 soldiers

The QR codes were created by HistoryPoints.org, a community-based information projects. When the codes are scanned with a smart phone or other mobile device, they allow visitors to downloadNewspapers QR Codes an account of how more than 17,000 Canadian servicemen and women were stationed in a nearby camp during the latter months of World War I. Many of the people that were buried near St. Margaret’s Church died during a flu epidemic that took hold of the region in those months.

Detailed information available to anyone with a QR code scanner

The QR codes offer stories into the history of the War and the people that it affected most acutely. HistoryPoints hopes that the QR codes will help people understand what life was like back then and give them a better sense of the servicemen and women that lived in the area at the time. Many of the codes are linked to photos and biographical information that provides a great amount of detail concerning the past.

QR codes continue to prove effective tools for information distribution

QR codes are most often used as marketing tools because of their ease of use among consumers. They have been incredibly effective engagement tools in marketing campaigns around the world, but they are not solely used for advertisements. HistoryPoints believes that the codes can be used as an effective means of information distribution, thus their appeal for the organization’s memorial project.

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