PayPal and Fandango work together for a new enhanced experience for moviegoers

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments
Fandango has announced that users of mobile devices will now be able to pay for their movie tickets using PayPal when they are purchased through the Android or iPhone apps.

According to the general manager and executive vice president of Fandango, Rick Butler, PayPal was first offered to moviegoers as a payment option on the company’s website, but they are now thrilled to be able to offer it to mobile users, as well.

He went on to say that “More than 20 percent of Fandango’s ticket sales come from mobile devices” and that he believes that the additional PayPal payment option will provide mobile users with an added easy, safe, and quick way to pay for their tickets.

This is only the latest of many convenience options that Fandango has been adding to their mobile offerings, as they have also recently released their Mobile Ticket paperless mobile barcode product that allows the moviegoer to use a mobile barcode as the entry ticket at over one thousand Regal Entertainment Group screens.

Throughout 2011, there has been an increase of 73 percent to Fandango’s mobile ticket sales. This has also been the best year in terms of performance in the entire 11 year lifetime of the company. It experienced record breaking ticket sales, as well as advertising sales, and both mobile and online traffic, and it has significantly grown its representation for theatre screens nationwide.

Now, people will be able to not only buy their movie tickets by choosing the location, time, and quantity, but they can also log in to their secure PayPal accounts in order to complete their purchases.

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