Mobile commerce data revealed for first holiday weekend at eBay

Ebay m-commerce News

Ebay mcommerce NewsThe company has released its data for smartphones and tablets, but not its overall figures.

The massive online marketplace, eBay has released its data regarding its mobile commerce sales data for the first holiday shopping weekend of the year, though it has held off on revealing its overall performance.

The company shared its PayPal, Marketplaces and GSI Commerce units numbers without further detail.

There was no indication from the company as to whether or not the figures that it released represented any improvements in mobile commerce when compared with last year’s data. A spokesperson from PayPal explained that the company was releasing only mcommerce data to the public this year. Representatives from eBay, itself, have yet to comment on whether or not the data that has been shared represents any improvements over previous years.

Thanksgiving Day saw mobile commerce improvements at eBay of 133 percent in the U.S. alone.

Analysts have compared the data released by eBay this year regarding its mobile commerce sales on Black Friday, and have determined that when compared with last year, there was a 153 percent increase in smartphone and tablet volume.

Similarly, on Thanksgiving Day, PayPal saw a 173 percent mobile payments volume increase, worldwide. On Black Friday its global increase was 193 percent over last year. The GSI saw an increase in mobile commerce sales in the United States of 170 percent on Thanksgiving day, this year over last year. On Black Friday, when compared to 2011, it rose by 198 percent.


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The vice president of mobile at eBay, Steve Yankovich, explained that holiday shopping this year is being reshaped by mobile commerce. He said that “This Black Friday, eBay’s transacted mobile volume surged more than 2.5 times higher than last year. Mobile commerce continues to reshape the retail landscape this holiday season, extending Black Friday to an anytime, anywhere shopping extravaganza.”

eBay noted that certain products experience tremendous demand over mobile commerce on Black Friday. For example, on that day, there were:

• 250 iPhone 4S smartphones sold every hour from 8am to 1pm (PST)
• 250 iPad 2 tablets sold every hour from 12am to 8am (PST)

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