M-commerce through magazines redefines post Christmas shopping

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Print ads are now providing consumers with a way to learn more as well as make an actual purchase. Multichannel shopping experiences are stepping up to a new level as smartphone shoppers take advantage of after Christmas deals through m-commerce opportunities they’re discovering in print ads. Opportunities such as scannable barcodes and price comparisons are appealing to consumers. Shoppers who want all the savings but without the lineups can now find some of their favorite stores in the convenience of the pages of the magazines and newspapers that they read.…

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Mobile payments record broken by eBay

eBay mobile payments

The American smartphone transactions volume increased by 133 over last year’s figures. Mobile payments and everything in the smartphone commerce sphere has been making news headlines throughout the entire holiday shopping season, and the figures are now starting to reveal that records are being broken this year. eBay, for example, has shown that year over year, its use has exploded over smartphones and tablets. Similarly, Waifair.com, a home goods retailer, has reported that its Cyber Monday revenues spiked by 75 percent this year, when compared to the same day last…

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M-commerce set for massive Christmas shopping success in UK

in-store Mobile commerce shopping line

New research from NetSuite has shown mobile commerce will be a key factor in holiday shopping. An m-commerce study commissioned by NetSuite Inc. has revealed that nearly one quarter of consumers intend to spend a larger amount of money this year on their Christmas shopping than they did three years ago. It also indicated that many would be using mobile devices to help to make their purchases. The research indicated that m-commerce will be playing a vital role in driving holiday sales throughout the Christmas shopping season in the United…

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Mobile commerce data revealed for first holiday weekend at eBay

Ebay m-commerce News

The company has released its data for smartphones and tablets, but not its overall figures. The massive online marketplace, eBay has released its data regarding its mobile commerce sales data for the first holiday shopping weekend of the year, though it has held off on revealing its overall performance. The company shared its PayPal, Marketplaces and GSI Commerce units numbers without further detail. There was no indication from the company as to whether or not the figures that it released represented any improvements in mobile commerce when compared with last…

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