Women plan more online and mobile shopping this holiday season

Mobile shopping this holiday season - woman holding phone with laptop

Most women believe retail will not return to normal until 2022 at the earliest, says a national study. The results of the new national “Future of Shopping Women’s Study” has shown that women intend to participate in more online and mobile shopping this holiday season. Online purchases are already up substantially over the data from May 2020, said the study. The research was conducted by DaVinci Payments. It determined that mobile shopping this holiday season won’t reflect the end of the online-turning commerce trends. The majority of the survey participants…

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Black Friday sales on smartphones total record $2.9 billion

Black Friday sales on smartphones - Shopping on phone

Thanksgiving and the day after both proved to be record breakers for shoppers online and over mobile. Black Friday sales on smartphones took off this year, raking in a tremendous $2.9 billion. This was a sizeable chunk of the total online spending that day, which was also a record breaking $7.4 billion, according to Adobe. That day’s online sales were the second record breakers in a row as Thanksgiving also performed. Thanksgiving brought in a tremendous $4.2 billion in online sales, even before the biggest American purchasing day of the…

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Mobile commerce is loved by the Australian consumer

Mobile games Australia

The Christmas season has been defining for the use of smartphones and tablets by shoppers. According to the most recent statistics released by PayPal Australia, residents of the country have been using their smartphones and tablets for mobile commerce purposes in record breaking amounts throughout the holiday season. This December has become the holiday season with the most digitally connected Australians ever. The figures that have been released have indicated that 22 percent of people in Australia have Made at least one mobile commerce holiday season purchase. The estimates are…

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Mobile commerce data revealed for first holiday weekend at eBay

Ebay m-commerce News

The company has released its data for smartphones and tablets, but not its overall figures. The massive online marketplace, eBay has released its data regarding its mobile commerce sales data for the first holiday shopping weekend of the year, though it has held off on revealing its overall performance. The company shared its PayPal, Marketplaces and GSI Commerce units numbers without further detail. There was no indication from the company as to whether or not the figures that it released represented any improvements in mobile commerce when compared with last…

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Mcommerce will play a role in 2 out of 3 in-store shopping experiences

Mobile commerce holiday shopping

Among smartphone users, two thirds intend to use the devices in brick and mortar shops. The results of an analysis performed by Prosper Mobile Insights have been released, and they have revealed some interesting details regarding the way that mcommerce will be used by shoppers throughout the holiday season. This could provide retailers with some important insight for adjusting their campaigns to boost their ROI. This type of information is critical for last minute changes for the holiday season. What the research discovered, was that 55.3 percent of all mobile…

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