Mcommerce will play a role in 2 out of 3 in-store shopping experiences

Mobile commerce holiday shopping
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien

Mcommerce holiday shoppingAmong smartphone users, two thirds intend to use the devices in brick and mortar shops.

The results of an analysis performed by Prosper Mobile Insights have been released, and they have revealed some interesting details regarding the way that mcommerce will be used by shoppers throughout the holiday season.

This could provide retailers with some important insight for adjusting their campaigns to boost their ROI.

This type of information is critical for last minute changes for the holiday season. What the research discovered, was that 55.3 percent of all mobile users intend to use their tablets or smartphones as a part of their overall holiday shopping experience. This mcommerce activity will occur on a number of different levels, such as locating stores, researching products, comparing prices, making purchases, and a number of other related tasks.

What was also interesting was the intention to use mcommerce while already in-store.

The mobile survey showed that 61.9 percent stated that they would be using their smartphone or tablet as a type of mobile shopping mall, so that they could compare prices and then make their final purchases. Another 38.1 percent said that they would be using their devices in order to help to keep organized, such as by planning their shopping trips by finding store locations and using mapping tools, and by keeping their lists.

These activities align well with the way that mcommerce was used last year. These tech savvy consumers will be keeping their devices with them while they are browsing for products in-store. This can create both challenges and opportunities for retailers who are relying on this season for the majority of their annual income. The survey showed that nearly half of the mobile holiday shoppers would use their devices as they shop in order to help them to make their final purchasing decisions.

Some of the mcommerce discoveries from the survey included the following:

• 66 percent plan to use their device while in-store in order to compare prices with another physical shop.
• 59.7 percent intend to use a smartphone or tablet to compare prices with an online retailer.
• 48.1 percent will be reading product reviews to choose among different products.
• 4.33 percent will use an mcommerce check-in so that they can obtain a discount.

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