U.S. Bank develops augmented reality mobile application to help customers find branch locations



How businesses are starting to incorporate augmented reality

U.S. Bank, a premiere online financial organization, has developed a new application for the iOS platform that makes use of augmented reality technology. The technology is becoming more popular in the banking industry because of its potential to make online financial management more intuitive. Augmented reality has been seeing a great deal of use in the entertainment industry and is often praised for its uses in navigation systems. U.S. Bank has taken a keen interest in the navigation aspects of the technology and has designed its new mobile application around this feature.

The Find US+ application allows users to locate a U.S. Bank branch wherever they may be. They will be able to find information about a chosen branch, such as hours of operation and detailed directions to the chosen destination. When a branch is chosen by the user, the application will guide them to the bank’s location using a series of graphic displays. These displays change depending on the location of the user and the mobile devices position in relation to the physical environment.

U.S. Bank has chosen augmented reality because of its interactivity. The bank believes that the technology will improve the connection is has with customers. This has become a popular reason for the use of the technology, as companies are finding it easier to engage with consumers that are closely tied to their mobile devices. These mobile consumers are showing great interest in engaging in interactive technologies like augmented reality and QR codes. This is evidenced in the burgeoning industry of mobile marketing, where these technologies are used to appeal to the interest of consumers.

This is the first time U.S. Bank has used augmented reality for one of its mobile applications. Depending on the success of the application, the bank may have plans to expand its use of the technology. Given that many consumers have already expressed enthusiasm about augmented reality, this prospect may be more realistic than not. Other financial institutions may opt to follow the lead of U.S. Bank in using the technology, but time will tell whether that is the case.

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