Banks are revising their approach to mobile payments

Mobile Payments market trends

US banks are changing the way they look at mobile commerce Banks in the United States have shown strong interest in mobile payments, but not those being made in physical retail stores. With the launch of new mobile payment services, such as Apple Pay, many banks have taken steps to become more mobile-centric, offering more support for mobile commerce and mobile banking. Many banks do not see the value of in-store mobile transactions, however, as a minority of consumers actually use their mobile devices to pay for products in a…

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U.S. Bank develops augmented reality mobile application to help customers find branch locations


How businesses are starting to incorporate augmented reality U.S. Bank, a premiere online financial organization, has developed a new application for the iOS platform that makes use of augmented reality technology. The technology is becoming more popular in the banking industry because of its potential to make online financial management more intuitive. Augmented reality has been seeing a great deal of use in the entertainment industry and is often praised for its uses in navigation systems. U.S. Bank has taken a keen interest in the navigation aspects of the technology…

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