Smartglasses by Quantum to improve augmented reality navigation

Epson Augmented Reality Glasses

The idea is to make it possible for users of the wearable technology to find greater ease with AR. User interface and experience company, Quantum Interface, has now unveiled its augmented reality technology that has been created with smartglasses in mind, so that it will be simpler for wearers to navigate. The new interface has been developed to make it easier for users to perform smartglasses while displaying AR. Quantum Interface (also known as Qi, for short) is based in Austin, Texas and has created the interface to allow users…

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Pioneer unveils new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality begins getting practical Augmented reality is making strong progress in the entertainment and gaming fields, but the technology is beginning to see some practical use as well, especially when it comes to transportation and navigation. Augmented reality has, to some extent, been used in the past when it comes to navigation, but the technology’s capabilities have been somewhat limited until very recently. Prominent technology developer Pioneer has been working on a new augmented reality system t hat could effectively change the way people drive. Pioneer shows off new…

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U.S. Bank develops augmented reality mobile application to help customers find branch locations


How businesses are starting to incorporate augmented reality U.S. Bank, a premiere online financial organization, has developed a new application for the iOS platform that makes use of augmented reality technology. The technology is becoming more popular in the banking industry because of its potential to make online financial management more intuitive. Augmented reality has been seeing a great deal of use in the entertainment industry and is often praised for its uses in navigation systems. U.S. Bank has taken a keen interest in the navigation aspects of the technology…

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