Augmented reality art coming to Sacramento

Augmented reality in art

Collaboration seeks to put a high-tech twist on art The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento State University, and the Greater Broadway Partnership District, have joined together to launch an ambitious projects that seeks to combine technology and art. These organizations have provided a $20,000 grant to 11 artists from throughout the country. These artists are coming to Sacramento, California, in order to create public art using augmented reality technology. This art will be found on the city’s Broadway corridor, which has long been home to various art projects, independent and…

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Augmented reality gains momentum in marketing sector

Augmented Reality

Advertisers are beginning to embrace augmented reality more aggressively Augmented reality is beginning to become extremely important to the advertising industry. More consumers are becoming mobile; tethered to smartphones and tablets that soak up a great deal of their time. As consumers become more involved in mobile technology, traditional marketing campaigns are beginning to lose their clout. Advertisers are starting to feel the need to adapt to a changing marketing landscape and augmented reality may be the engine that propels the sector into a new era of consumer engagement. Blippar…

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Augmented reality as a tool for teachers

augmented reality teacher tool

Augmented reality sees more traction in education Adoption of new technology is slower in some sectors than it is in others. Augmented reality has highlighted this fact effectively over the several years of its existence. While the technology has been received readily in the entertainment field, it has seen only modest interest in other sectors until very recently. Now, augmented reality is gaining strong traction in every sector where mobile technology has a role to play. Most recently, the technology has been growing more popular in the education field. Spanish…

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Augmented reality used by Sony to highlight PS4 camera

augmented reality sony ps4 the playroom

A trailer called “The Playroom” has now been released as an introduction to the PlayStation 4 console. Though Sony has now come out with many details regarding its PS4 game console, including its price and the fact that it will allow used games to be played – unlike its primary competition, the Xbox – it has not had much to say about its new controller sensing camera other than the latest release that it provided through an augmented reality trailer called “The Playroom”. The company held a two hour press…

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Augmented reality allows a T-Rex to leap from printed pages

augmented reality idinosaur

Certainly, the last thing you’d want is a real dinosaur wandering through your living room, but the AR variety is different. Though dinosaurs have been extinct from the Earth for many millions of years, the use of a smartphone or tablet and an augmented reality app can have Tyrannosaurus Rexes leaping out of the page of a printed book. This can help to much more effectively illustrate what is being described on the page. The latest features available in the iDinosaur book, include augmented reality through the use of a…

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