Virtual and augmented reality market is poised for growth

camera augmented reality

Report shows that the market for interactive technologies is accelerating Digi-Capital has released a report concerning the virtual and augmented reality market. These technologies are becoming more prominent throughout the world, with consumers showing a great deal of interest in software that can, quite literally, change the way they see and experience the world around them. Recently, augmented reality has experienced renewed support from companies like Google, which has invested $542 million into Magic Leap, a company specializing in mobile augmented reality. Virtual and augmented reality market to reach $150…

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Dubai police will be using augmented reality in the near future

google glass wearable technology

Law enforcement turns to Google Glass to help identify suspected criminals Law enforcement in Dubai are about to get very high-tech. The city’s police will soon be equipped with Google Glass, an upcoming augmented reality device that aims to change the way people see the world around them. The excitement surrounding Glass has diminished somewhat over the past year, but the device aims to be one of the most revolutionary AR headsets in the world, once t is eventually released. AR is gaining traction in the field of law enforcement…

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Westpac to launch new mobile commerce app using augmented reality

augmented reality technology Mobile commerce

New app will leverage AR technology to engage mobile consumers Westpac New Zealand is beginning to see the need to engage mobile consumers more effectively. As such, the bank has developed a new mobile application that leverages augmented reality. The use of this technology could put a new twist on mobile commerce, allowing people to view their bank information in a more dynamic and intuitive way. The application is currently slated for launch on the iOS platform in September of this year. AR technology is breaking out of the entertainment…

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Patent highlights Microsoft’s interest in augmented reality

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

New patent shows that Microsoft still has a strong interest in using augmented reality for gaming A new patent from Microsoft has been revealed, which was filed in January of this year. The patent further outlines Microsoft’s interest in augmented reality and how it can be used in gaming. Augmented reality has become quite attractive to the game industry because of its highly interactive nature. The technology can be used to change the way people see the world around them, allowing them to interact with digital displays that are highly…

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Sephora unveils augmented reality digital mirror

Sephora augmented reality

Sephora teams with ModiFace to produce innovative digital mirror French cosmetics brand Sephora has partnered with ModiFace, a virtual reality technology company, to create a digital mirror that leverages augmented reality. The mirror is, essentially, a monitor equipped with a camera that feeds visual information to the screen. Customers can use the digital mirror to try on eye shadow, which will appear on their face thanks to augmented reality. AR is becoming quite prominent in the marketing field as its interactive nature is becoming better understood. Businesses need to find…

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