The Mall aims to make mobile commerce more dynamic

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

Xbox One now features The Mall, an online store that leverages numerous technologies

Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One can now visit a virtual mall, through which they can purchase products using nothing more than their mobile device. Aptly named “The Mall,” the new feature was developed with the aid of Von Bismark, a prominent e-commerce organization, and Powa Technologies. The Mall will also make use of the Microsoft Kinect, giving consumers a more dynamic way to shop for products online by leveraging the power of augmented reality.

Kinect allows shoppers to try on virtual clothes before they make a purchase

Using the Kinect, shoppers can visit The Mall and try on a variety of clothes that they may be interested in. They can also shop for a wide range of products, ranging from games to fashion accessories. Once a shopper finds something they are interested in, they can scan a QR code associated with that product. Scanning the code with a mobile device will allow consumers to pay for these products using the PowaTag application, which was developed by Powa Technologies.

The Mall may encourage more consumers to participate in mobile commerce

xbox mobile commerce augmented realityVon Bismark notes that The Mall represents the first major step in accomplishing the company’s e-commerce endeavors. The company intends to make e-commerce more convenient for consumers and it has begun focusing more heavily on the mobile space. Mobile commerce has been growing quickly over the past few years, and it is beginning to revolutionize the retail space, making it more dynamic and convenient for consumers to do their shopping.

QR codes allow consumers to participate in mobile commerce with no difficulty

The Mall is meant to represent the next generation of online shopping, combining a variety of technologies to make e-commerce, as a whole, more dynamic. Mobile commerce will, of course, play a major role in The Mall, thanks to the use of QR codes. These codes will ensure that a wide range of consumers will be able to purchase products online, as they will not need any special technology to make a purchase.

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