Technology news shows smartphone penetration in the US is higher than ever

US Smartphone Survey wearable technology news

The latest data from comScore has indicated that there are 166 million Americans who own these devices.

When it comes to mobile marketing and m-commerce, the technology news is great because comScore is now reporting that a record 166 million Americans now own smartphones.

This data does not include the devices that are used by individuals for exclusively business purposes.

The comScore technology news figures that have just been released take into account the penetration of domestic smartphones, which is climbing quite rapidly, and that is coming ever closer to the next milestone level. The data was collected over a three month period that ended in March 2014. It looked into the key trends in the smartphone industry within the United States. What it found was that the number of Americans who own smartphones make up 68.8 percent of the entire mobile device market. This is an increase of a very large 6 percent since the last report, which took data into consideration from up to December 2013.

Within this technology news, Apple managed to reign supreme once again among handset makers.

US Smartphone Survey technology newsAccording to the comScore report, Apple was the top original equipment manufacturer (OEM), as its iPhones represented 41.4 percent of the American smartphone subscribers. In second place was Samsung, which held a market share of 27 percent (representing a rise of 0.9 percent since December).


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LG came in third with a 6.7 percent market share and a growth of 0.1 percent since December. In fourth place was Motorola, which was not far behind LG with its 6.4 percent market share. The last of the top five was HTC, which kept hold of its own 5.4 percent of the smartphone market.

Also added to the comScore technology news report was that Android had been able to maintain its grasp of the lead mobile operating system spot. In March, its market share was 52.2 percent, which was an increase over December’s data of 0.7 percent. Apple was in second place at 41.4 percent, and BlackBerry was in a distant fourth place at 2.7 percent. Windows has taken over the third spot, with a 3.3 percent share of the market, having grown 0.2 percent since December. At only 0.2 percent, was Symbian.

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