iWatch plans may be revealed by streak of hiring at Apple

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The technology manufacturer is forming a team of senior medical technology execs.

Apple has been drawing a considerable amount of attention and speculations as it has started a hiring spree in order to create a team made up of top senior medical technology executives for what many believe will be an important element of the so-called iWatch and other forms of wearable technology that the company may have in the works.

This has caused the entire smartwatch and biotechnology community to put itself on alert.

Many rumors have been flying over the types of features that can be expected from the iWatch, which is the name that has been given by the tech world for the smartwatch that they believe that Apple is currently developing. Now that a rash of medical tech hiring has been going on in the company, many are assuming that this is because the company intends to take advantage of the highly popular trend for medical and fitness tracking in wearables.

There have been at least half a dozen biomedicine experts hired by Apple for what could be the iWatch.

iwatch smartwatch wearable technologyA couple of weeks ago, Apple took in a prominent researcher, and now it is recruiting medical hardware experts and other professionals. Though it is not yet known how many people will be hired, the number is proving to be a significant one. The majority of the hiring appears to be in the area of sensor technology, which would align well with the idea of wearables such as smartwatches that could be used for medical and fitness tracking.

This also fits in very effectively with the sector that CEO Tim Cook has identified as being ready “to explode”, this year. Insiders in the industry have said that the company’s hiring activities could signal an effort to monitor everything from nutrition to blood glucose levels, as opposed to being limited to the exclusively fitness monitoring devices that are currently proving popular in today’s market.

Everything that is known about the hiring and about the vision that Apple has been maintaining for its future suggests that the iWatch and other wearable technology will be unveiled before the end of the year, and that biosensing features will be integral to its functions.

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