Technology news shows smartphone penetration in the US is higher than ever

US Smartphone Survey wearable technology news

The latest data from comScore has indicated that there are 166 million Americans who own these devices. When it comes to mobile marketing and m-commerce, the technology news is great because comScore is now reporting that a record 166 million Americans now own smartphones. This data does not include the devices that are used by individuals for exclusively business purposes. The comScore technology news figures that have just been released take into account the penetration of domestic smartphones, which is climbing quite rapidly, and that is coming ever closer to…

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Mobile commerce is taking a larger share of online shopping

mobile commerce trends

Purchasing and making buying decisions over smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly common. According to the latest study results issued by comScore and The Partnering Group based on data collected and analyzed since June, 55 percent of all online shopping began with mobile commerce over a smartphone or tablet in some way. The findings underscore the way in which shopping is heading in an increasingly small screen direction. The results of the data analysis has underscored the importance of mobile commerce and that the world is moving increasingly in that…

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m-commerce trends highlighted in comScore report

Isis mobile commerce wallet

comScore calls attention to the state of online retail in the U.S. Last week, comScore, a leading digital business analytics firm, released data concerning the state of the shift away from desktop computers that is being seen in the U.S. The company’s report, which is titled “The State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q2 2012,” provides insight on a number of trends that are emerging in the U.S. and aims to provide information concerning the impact of mobile commerce, shopping, and online retail. The report suggests that mobile…

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QR codes may save the print industry; study shows that printed QR codes are more successful than their digital counterparts

QR Code Article

Advertisers have come to adore QR codes. The advent of the digital era has brought about the decline of printed publications which, in turn, has lead to diminishing returns from printed advertisements. Advertisers have had trouble traversing the online world as there is no guarantee that consumers will pay any attention to their attempts at marketing, especially when there are programs that can get rid of advertisements altogether. QR codes, however, are still shrouded in mystique, enticing the curiosity of consumers while offering them a valuable service. The codes may,…

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The use of QR codes is still increasing

QR Code Mobile Marketing

comScore has released its latest data, which has indicated that in the United States, the use of QR codes is still on the rise. In June 2011, 6.2 percent of American mobile users – that is, more than 14 million people – scanned a quick response (QR) barcode using a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. According to the senior vice president of mobile at comScore, Mark Donovan, QR barcodes are only a single example of the many different ways that mobile marketing can be used effectively for integration into…

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