Swatch to break into mobile payments

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Watchmaker has plans to launch a payment service and a wearable device Swiss watchmaker Swatch is planning to break into the mobile payments space. The company has plans to unveil a new wearable device within the next 90 days, which will serve as a response to other wearable devices that are being launched. According to Swatch, the new device will be able to connect to the Internet and communicate with other devices without having to be charged. The device will also support mobile payments, making it a competitor with similar…

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Wearables are used by a small fraction of adults

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Over 80 percent are already using smartphones and among them, most have Android mobile devices. Although both last year and this year have been declared the year of the wearables, and many have expected that these devices, such as smartwatches and smart glasses, would go mainstream, it looks as though it may require a little bit more time for that hype to turn into consumer adoption. The results of a recent study has shown that wearable technology is used by a small minority of adults. This research was conducted by…

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Wearable devices could have major mobile payments potential

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Full potential of wearable technology may not yet be fully understood Wearable devices are still in an early stage of their life, which means that many consumers do not understand their true potential. These devices could have a lot to offer to the mobile commerce space, where convenience is often favored above all else. Smartwatches could become the next major mobile payment device, allowing people to make a transaction directly from their wrist, rather than using a smartphone or payment card. Apple’s wearable device may struggle in the mobile commerce…

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Wearable devices could be the future of mobile payments

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Wearable technology is beginning to find traction in the mobile commerce space Wearable technology is gaining more attention, especially in the mobile commerce space. As new devices become more available, consumers are likely to use these devices for everyday commerce. While there are very few wearable devices currently available on the market, these devices are likely to become more common within the next five years, and these devices could be equipped with mobile payment technology that makes them more attractive to consumers. Royal Bank of Canada teams with Bionym to…

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Wearable technology may face security challenges

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New wearable devices may become popular targets for hackers and some malicious groups Wearable technology is gaining ground. While relatively few companies have plans to release a wearable device in the near future, there are some big-name companies that will be among the first to tackle market challenges when they introduce their devices in 2015 and 2016. Apple is one such company. Apple plans to launch its Apple Watch platform in the very near future, but the company will have to address some serious security issues if it wants to…

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