Swatch will focus on low-end plastic smartwatch tech

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The company has decided to aim for a different niche market than its top competitors such as Apple. Swatch Group has now revealed that the direction it will be taking in smartwatch technology will be in its plastic brand that will be available for a lower price and that it would be continuing in that direction before it would consider installing its tech into more expensive brands such as Apple. Based in Biel, Switzerland, the company also owns top brands such as Omega, Tissot and Longines. Swatch has already launched…

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Smartwatch patents are being snatched up by Swatch

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The watchmaker has been scooping up patents for wearables to the point that it is now believed they have 173 of them. Many experts and consumers, alike, have been waiting for a smartwatch to be released by Swatch, but that watchmaker appears to be taking its time before coming out with a device of its own within this category. That said, it hasn’t been idle in the area of wearables, as it has been purchasing dozens of patents. In fact, a recent estimate issued by Bloomberg Business has shown that…

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Co-inventor of Swatch scoffs at Apple Watch

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According to Elmar Mock, the smartwatch should be seen more as a type of toy than a timepiece. Elmar Mock, one of the Swatch watch co-inventors, has set the insults flying when it comes to the Apple Watch, having called it nothing more than a toy and not a type of clock that should be taken seriously. In a recent interview, Mock didn’t hold back his opinions about the rival smartwatch from the tech giant. Swatch already has its own version of a smartwatch. His brand is based on wrist…

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Smartwatches will be a pursuit that Swatch follows on its own


The largest watchmaker on the planet will be unveiling its own wearable technology device next summer. Swatch, the biggest watchmaker in the world, is planning to take part in the smartwatches segment of the wearable technology industry, and intends to take its opportunity to unveil its Swatch Touch in the summer of 2015. The group will be developing and designing this device on its own, instead of joining with a tech company. The Swatch Group, from Biel, Switzerland, is heading off on its own to create smartwatches with a list…

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Smartwatch in the works from Swatch

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The wristwatch brand is aiming to put out its own wearable technology device for 2015. Rumors were swirling around, recently, suggesting that Swatch was working with Apple on the creation of its smartwatch project that has been dubbed the iWatch or the iTime (depending on who you ask – though nothing official has ever been announced about the project). However, the wristwatch brand was quick to deny that it is not working on wearables with Apple. In fact, Swatch directly stated that the only way in which it is working…

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