Smartwatch in the works from Swatch

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The wristwatch brand is aiming to put out its own wearable technology device for 2015.

Rumors were swirling around, recently, suggesting that Swatch was working with Apple on the creation of its smartwatch project that has been dubbed the iWatch or the iTime (depending on who you ask – though nothing official has ever been announced about the project).

However, the wristwatch brand was quick to deny that it is not working on wearables with Apple.

In fact, Swatch directly stated that the only way in which it is working with Apple is in the supply of integrated circuits as well as other forms of electronic components. However, it may turn out that the rumors aren’t completely of the mark. The part that was incorrect was in the assumption that the brand is working on Apple for this smartwatch.

The Swatch CEO has now revealed that the company is working on a smartwatch of its own.

smartwatch i watch gadgetsNick Hayek, the chief executive officer of Swatch, has now made a statement to the press that has shown that the wristwatch maker is working on the design and creation of its own wearable technology. It will be working to update its Swatch Touch line of touchscreen enabled devices through the use of sensors and other features that are geared toward athletes. They anticipate that these wearables will be ready to add themselves to store shelves at some point in 2015.

Hayek explained that “We will integrate fitness features in the Swatch Touch by 2015.” He also went on to add that “The device will remain a watch, but it will include commonly used fitness features to monitor your body.”

Hayek went on to address the question as to whether or not Swatch was working with Apple in order to create the device. To that, he downright denied any partnership of this nature between the two companies by saying that “We already have all the know-how, we do not need a partnership.”

While it has already been assumed that a smartwatch from Apple will be a tremendous success. It will be interesting to see how Swatch manages to achieve a level of popularity among consumers in a market with rapidly growing competition.

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