Better Business Bureau levies tips for consumers to protect themselves against malicious QR codes

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The Better Business Bureau of Kansas has taken notice of QR codes and how they can benefit companies in the state. The organization, which forms and upholds standards of business in and out of the state, says that QR codes, if used properly, can have a major impact on how companies market products to consumers. While QR codes are becoming more popular, consumers are still somewhat unfamiliar with the black and white barcodes. In an attempt to help consumers gain some comfort with using the codes, the organization has released…

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The future of QR codes lies with young, tech-minded consumers

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Advertisers have taken to using QR codes to reach a broad audience. According to a new study from comScore, a digital business analysis firm, the codes may only be reaching a select few. A growing number of businesses have begun adopting the codes under the belief that they will be able to reach more consumers. While their efforts have, thus far, been met with success, comScore notes that the future of the codes rests with a very specific demographic. The report shows that the codes are most likely to reach…

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Next wave of tablets make way for the code generation

The next generation of tablets may fan the flames of the QR revolution. The new iPad 2, Xoom and Tab will feature forward facing cameras, something that their predecessors lacked. The tablets come with an array of other exciting features, but it is the camera that will enable them to interact with content using QR codes. The new tablets will offer a much more robust user experience as well, particularly increasing the value of print media. It has been said that tablets, as well as other mobile devices, are contributing…

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3D Quick Response Future

Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., a developer of interactive 3D display technologies, has announced advancements made to its 3D holographic display platform by using QR codes. QR codes are used in a number of industries to create a dynamic environment for consumers using smart phones. They are able to scan the codes for detailed information or any variety of online content. Provision is the first 3D digital media company to utilize the barcode as part of its holographic displays. QR codes can contain an array of information. Scanning the codes can…

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