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QR Codes in 3D

Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., a developer of interactive 3D display technologies, has announced advancements made to its 3D holographic display platform by using QR codes. QR codes are used in a number of industries to create a dynamic environment for consumers using smart phones. They are able to scan the codes for detailed information or any variety of online content. Provision is the first 3D digital media company to utilize the barcode as part of its holographic displays.

QR codes can contain an array of information. Scanning the codes can take users to a web address, show them a video or display simple text messages. The codes can also be used a means of transferring information, such as phone numbers or street addresses. A growing number of businesses are beginning to use the codes in conjunction with business cards to get their contact information to the public.

Provision’s technologies allow consumers to interact with floating, 3D holograms of QR codes. The codes can be scanned and will be linked to content provided by businesses that are making use of the platform. Bringing QR into a three-dimensional environment is a big step forward for advertising according to Provision CEO, Curt Thornton. “Traditional advertising cannot meet the evolving needs of our clients. Using 3D and our QR codes, our clients can easily measure consumer interaction… this technology can significantly increase advertising ROIs.”

Provision is already in talks with its clientele to incorporate the use of their platform. If all goes according to plan, holographic QR codes may be seeing a lot of exposure in the coming months.

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