Better Business Bureau levies tips for consumers to protect themselves against malicious QR codes

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The Better Business Bureau of Kansas has taken notice of QR codes and how they can benefit companies in the state. The organization, which forms and upholds standards of business in and out of the state, says that QR codes, if used properly, can have a major impact on how companies market products to consumers. While QR codes are becoming more popular, consumers are still somewhat unfamiliar with the black and white barcodes. In an attempt to help consumers gain some comfort with using the codes, the organization has released a series of recommendations about using the codes.

With QR codes gaining momentum, the number of suspicious codes has begun to grow. These codes, which are often pasted over the codes made by companies, lead smart phone users to websites containing malicious software, which can put their personal information at risk. The BBB warns consumers to be cautious when scanning codes that are on public flyers or that they receive in emails, as they could be malicious codes designed to steal information.

Because the codes are easy to produce, they can be made into stickers that can be pasted over legitimate QR codes. The organization suggests taking a look at codes before scanning them to ensure they are the original code. Purchasing security software for a smart phone can also protect users from malicious content.

With consumers showing more interest in QR codes, the need for adequate security is becoming more apparent. The BBB hopes that the codes do become successful on a large scale, but is taking steps to ensure that consumers know how to protect themselves.

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