QR codes are unfamiliar to 62 percent of consumers in Australia

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

Though they are a widely recognized form of mcommerce marketing, they still haven’t made it. Mobile marketing has seen significant controversy over the subject of QR codes, and following a survey in Australia, it is clear why there has been such a range of opinions on the topic. Though the quick response barcode technology shows significant potential, its success is unclear. There have already been highly successful campaigns that have used QR codes, which can be used as a level of proof that they offer a link between the real…

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Mcommerce ranking from around the world places Australia in the lead

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

The country down under has made its way to the top of the mobile shopping world. Though there are many different ways to judge the success of mcommerce, particularly on a global scale, a recent analysis of worldwide shopping activity over smartphones was performed by Mobify, and it placed Australia at the top of its ranks. In that country, 47 percent of its online consumers use smartphones and tablets as a part of the process. The Mobify study included an analysis of the behaviors of 200 million online consumer, and…

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Mcommerce research from September shows a growth in its market share

Mobile commerce Trends

Almost 10 percent of all online purchases that month came from mobile devices. The latest mcommerce statistics have now been released by Affiliate Window, regarding the size of the market share represented by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This recent report has identified a number of different statistics about the place of mobile in the market. The most recent figures are focused on the purchasing habits of online shoppers throughout September of this year. They are meant to assist brands and marketers in better understanding the trends and the…

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Mcommerce showing notable progress among retailers, according to new study

Mobile commerce

CrossView research has also shown advancement in consistent marketing promotions and social sharing. Multichannel mcommerce solutions and services provider, CrossView Inc., has just released the results of its Cross Channel Readiness survey for 2012, which examined the behaviors of retailers across a number of different categories in order to measure improvements and declines in online, in-store, mobile, and phone shopping. It performed this examination with a consistent brand experience in mind. The research this year showed that there has been a significant improvement in a number of vital areas when…

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