Mcommerce ranking from around the world places Australia in the lead

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

Australia Mcommerce Trends

The country down under has made its way to the top of the mobile shopping world.

Though there are many different ways to judge the success of mcommerce, particularly on a global scale, a recent analysis of worldwide shopping activity over smartphones was performed by Mobify, and it placed Australia at the top of its ranks.

In that country, 47 percent of its online consumers use smartphones and tablets as a part of the process.

The Mobify study included an analysis of the behaviors of 200 million online consumer, and the activities in which they participated on mcommerce websites. The sites in question were those powered by the company’s Cloud service. It examined these behaviors throughout 2012 and determined that the largest percentage of the population using their mobile devices to shop resides in Australia, at 47 percent.

The second highest participation in mcommerce belonged to the Brazilian online shopping population.

In Brazil, the research showed that 40 percent of online shoppers also took part in mcommerce. South Korea had third place, where 34 percent used mobile websites for shopping purposes. Fourth place was tied between the United States and the United Kingdom, which each scored 31 percent.

The study report showed that the average percentage of traffic to visit mobile optimized websites was 27 percent.

The most commonly used devices for visiting those websites were those under the Apple brand, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. In Russia, 82 percent of all mcommerce traffic stemmed from iOS devices. Similarly, 78 percent of the traffic from Australia had the Apple symbol on the devices. In Mexico, it was 75 percent, while the United Kingdom was 61 percent and the United States had 56 percent.

Another survey on a similar topic pointed out that when it comes to mcommerce, the top performing type of device overall is the smartphone. That said, it has been speculated that the gap between smartphones and tablets will only shrink as time goes by, as the latter are becoming increasingly popular at a faster rate than the former. This is already especially the case among the countries in Asia.

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