Mcommerce showing notable progress among retailers, according to new study

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CrossView research has also shown advancement in consistent marketing promotions and social sharing.

Multichannel mcommerce solutions and services provider, CrossView Inc., has just released the results of its Cross Channel Readiness survey for 2012, which examined the behaviors of retailers across a number of different categories in order to measure improvements and declines in online, in-store, mobile, and phone shopping.

It performed this examination with a consistent brand experience in mind.

The research this year showed that there has been a significant improvement in a number of vital areas when compared to last year. This was particularly true in the case of mcommerce, as well as marketing promotions and social sharing.

Retailers could score a total of 280 points in the survey in the four areas including mcommerce.

The average score when all of the results were tallied, was 177 points. Among all of the retailers that were studied, it was Best Buy that gave the best performance with its perfect score.

Additional findings from this research include the following:

• 92 percent of the retailers that were studied had enabled social sharing within their online stores. This was a notable increase over last year when it was at 88 percent.

• 79 percent of the retailers had extended the same marketing promotions across all of their channels this year. Last year, that figure had been only 65 percent.

• 72 percent of retailers had offered a reviews and ratings feature in their online stores. Last year, this was much lower, at only 39 percent.

The study showed that the most marked improvements were in the mcommerce area. Last year, only 12 percent of retailers had an app for shoppers to use on their smartphones. This year, that number has skyrocketed to a comparatively tremendous 56 percent.

According to the chief executive officer of CrossView, Mark Fodor, “This year’s survey shows a steady beat of progress.” He also pointed out that “While the needle didn’t move terribly far, it registers in the right direction in a few key areas. What’s clear to us in our work with leading brands is that no touchpoint is viewed as a separate entity by consumers – each is an extension of the same brand.”

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