Mcommerce makes up less than 10 percent of all ticket sales

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The results of a new study found that the purchases over this channel are relatively consistent. Regardless of whether a market share of 5 to 10 percent in ticket sales by mcommerce is considered to be a success or a failure, Retention Science determined that purchases over smartphones was steady throughout the first three quarters of 2012. This involved an analysis of the purchasing of both sports and concert tickets within the United States. The analysis looked at the mcommerce purchases from within $40 million in total sports event and…

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Mcommerce consumers want more information from stores

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Shoppers want to be able to learn more about what they want, before they make a purchase. A mcommerce study performed by the Moosylvania ad agency has determined that 80 percent of smartphone owners would like to see more product information that is optimized for their devices as they shop in stores. The research also showed that half of the respondents had made a purchase between $100 and $999 over mobile. The report that was released about the study was called “The Shopping Experience in a Smartphone World”. It involved…

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Mobile commerce study shows over 400 percent retail increase on Cyber Monday

Mobile commerce Trends

Research shows sales skyrocketed on that most important smartphone shopping day of the year. A study performed by Unbound Commerce regarding the mobile commerce retail sales from Cyber Monday has shown increases of over 400 percent among more than 360 top retailers, and that the majority of the visits that were made to these sites were from new customers. These numbers have just been released regarding the aggregate transactions that were made. Among the retailers who use the integrated mobile commerce platform from Unbound, the total revenue spiked by 410…

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Mcommerce adoption slowed by checkout optimization issues


A WorldPay study has found that payment page optimization struggles are hurting the channel. One of the payment processing, alternative payments, and risk global leaders, WorldPay, has released the results of its mcommerce study, which has shown that when the checkout page and the screen size have not been properly optimized, it has the greatest impact on consumers. The willingness of a smartphone user to purchase goods is most greatly affected by those two issues. The research was held at the 2012 Internet Retailing Conference, which was located in London.…

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Mobile commerce future looks bright in Australia

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Recent study indicates that the channel may be worth over $5 billion this year. The latest statistics from Australia are indicating that the country is on track for its mobile commerce to exceed $5 billion this year, as smartphones and tablets have become an important shopping tool for product discovery and research. This research was performed by eBay’s payment service, PayPal. What the company discovered, was that retail spending that has occurred through or as a result of mobile commerce should reach 5.6 billion by the time 2012 comes to…

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