Mcommerce growth driven by mom shoppers

mom mcommerce mobile marketing

Parents are busier than ever and are using their mobile devices to purchase just about everything. A recent survey that looked into the consumer behaviors of mothers has revealed that moms are among the primary users of mcommerce, as they use their smartphones and tablets to help to make purchases of many of the various products that they need on a regular basis. It has been known for some time now that moms are leading the way in mcommerce trends. The results of this recent survey have only managed to…

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Mcommerce research reveals that men talk more and faster when shopping

A study performed by Marchex has revealed this behavior trend among male consumers. The results of an mcommerce research study have just been released, and have indicated that men have a tendency to talk for a longer period of time, and to speak more rapidly, when they are using their smartphones to make a purchase. The research indicated that they spoke for longer and more quickly than women shoppers. The results of the mcommerce study showed that the average man would remain on the phone for 7 minutes and 23…

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Mobile commerce study shows channel is gaining strength

m-commerce growth

Smartphone shopping is becoming more common and more popular. eMarketer has released their latest report, which has revealed the findings that include their mobile commerce predictions over the next few years based on the performances that have already been witnessed. Based on 2012 and the growth over 2011 the report has indicates that smartphone shopping will build strength. The mobile commerce world is now quite established and it is clearly on the rise, based on the statistics that were revealed in the report. Though the upward trend may initially have…

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Mcommerce consumers want more information from stores

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Shoppers want to be able to learn more about what they want, before they make a purchase. A mcommerce study performed by the Moosylvania ad agency has determined that 80 percent of smartphone owners would like to see more product information that is optimized for their devices as they shop in stores. The research also showed that half of the respondents had made a purchase between $100 and $999 over mobile. The report that was released about the study was called “The Shopping Experience in a Smartphone World”. It involved…

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Mcommerce adoption slowed by checkout optimization issues


A WorldPay study has found that payment page optimization struggles are hurting the channel. One of the payment processing, alternative payments, and risk global leaders, WorldPay, has released the results of its mcommerce study, which has shown that when the checkout page and the screen size have not been properly optimized, it has the greatest impact on consumers. The willingness of a smartphone user to purchase goods is most greatly affected by those two issues. The research was held at the 2012 Internet Retailing Conference, which was located in London.…

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