Coca-Cola unveils Halloween themed AR and VR marketing campaign

fanta coca cola vr marketing

The soft drink giant’s UK division will break its own advertising spending record for the themed campaign. Coca-Cola’s UK division will launch an AR and VR marketing campaign for its Fanta brand on Halloween. This campaign will represent the most they have ever spent on a Halloween campaign to date. Part of the advertising for the brand has to do with a virtual reality short riddled with jump scares. The VR marketing short brings viewers onto an elevator on their way to a 13th floor Halloween party. That said, they…

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QR codes are central to a Coca-Cola free giveaway campaign

coke soda marketing qr codes

In a partnership with Ubisoft, the soft drink giant is allowing customers to scan quick response codes to download a free game. Consumers in eight different countries are now able to benefit from a new partnership between the Coca-Cola drink manufacturer and Ubisoft, as the beverage company has added QR codes to its 250 ml cans of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero products so that customers can scan and receive a free download of the “Just Dance Now” mobile game. Simply scanning the quick response codes gives consumers the Just Dance…

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QR codes break more world records

world record Coca-Cola QR codes

In the ongoing challenge to create the largest human quick response code, a new biggest barcode was built. Ever since QR codes first started to become very popular and easily recognizable by consumers, there has been an ongoing battle among locations, brands, and companies to create the largest human versions of the barcode. Now, the latest record for the biggest human quick response code has been broken, once again. The previous record for the largest human QR codes – which was just broken – was held by Mission Hills luxury…

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Social marketing has decimated Olympic advertising for Coke, P&G and McDonalds

social media marketing olympics

Other big names such as Visa have also lost huge opportunities to promote during the Winter Games. If anything has ever been able to demonstrate the power of social media marketing in terms of spreading the word and sending messages to consumers, it has been the events that have occurred surrounding the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, which have seen the advertising from some of the largest corporations in the world disrupted and considerably weakened. Until now, the power to reach consumers has always been in the hands of those with…

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