QR code tombstones will solve cemetery challenges, says Funeral Association

qr code tombstone site

The Chinese group says quick response codes will fix issues relating to natural resources and environmental degradation. The China Funeral Association says QR code tombstones are the key to overcoming several problems relating to memorializing the deceased. Traditional grave marker production is rapidly depleting natural resources while they hack away at the natural environment. Experts from the association say quick response codes can solve the problems linked to gravestone production. “In modern times, people should commemorate their deceased loved ones in modern ways,” said Wang Yanzhen, the China Funeral Association…

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QR codes to be added to Commonwealth war graves

QR codes gravestone

Many smartphone users have found that quick response codes have helped to commemorate the centennial of WWI. The Commonwealth war grave cemeteries that are located in Wales will soon be adding QR codes for the first time or to additional spots in order to be able to share more stories with a new generation of visitors. The quick response codes will make it easier to provide detailed information than physical signage. As this year is the 100th anniversary of the start of the first World War, it marks an appropriate…

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QR codes use to be broadened in Anchorage cemetery

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery QR codes

The quick response code stickers may soon be available for a wider number of locations on the grounds. Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery has now announced their intentions to put QR codes to wider use so that families will be able to place barcode stickers under niches in the columbarium wall so that they can be scanned by visitors. The decision required the approval of the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night. That followed the unanimous support of the cemetery’s own board. While the QR codes are already being used in the…

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QR codes to be applied to Canadian war graves in Wales

QR Codes used on gravestones

The Welsh graveyard is using technology to help visitors to understand the presence of these markers. A cemetery in Wales behind St. Margaret’s Church in Bodelwyddan will now be adding QR codes to the Canadian war graves on that site in order to help visitors to understand why they are there. Many people don’t know the history behind those buried under the markers. Therefore, instead of setting up the cemetery with the traditional information plaques and other stands, the HistoryPoints project chose to use QR codes as a method of…

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QR codes are changing the way we memorialize deceased loved ones

QR Codes on headstones

Barcodes on tombstones are allowing mourners to and cemetery visitors to learn about people buried there. Although QR codes may be most recognized for their placement on magazine ad pages and product packaging, there is a growing trend around the world that is also placing them on grave markers in order to allow loved ones to memorialize those who are buried beneath them. They are also allowing other visitors to learn more about the people buried in the cemetery. Though the concept of using QR codes in this way is…

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