Pop-up QR code stores are appearing all over the world!

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The Stockholm Central railway station is now the home of the first QR code pop-up store in Sweden, allowing that city to join the many others that are adding virtual stores to their own public locations.

In the case of Stockholm, the mobile barcode pop-up store was created by the e-commerce system developer company, Jetshop, who are hoping that this will provide consumers in Sweden with an opportunity to experience how simple and secure mobile shopping can be.

Similarly, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has worked in collaboration with Taubman Centers to create the virtual storefronts of the Fox Movie Mall, which is an upgrade over the more traditional vending machines for DVDs. These new virtual malls are already creating a significant marketing buzz and is designed to encourage the downloading and the use of the Fox Movie Mall app.

The virtual malls were first unveiled last Friday and featured an image wallscape display that allows smartphone users to scan a QR code to obtain the app for free. Once they have the app, they can also simplify the purchasing process by scanning the QR code of a movie title they want, so that they can purchase it automatically from an online store and have it shipped to themselves.

These wallfronts aren’t meant to entirely change the way that consumers shop for movies, but are designed to encourage some sales while promoting the movies created by the studio.

These are only the latest examples of pop-up QR code stores, following many other successful ventures in cities worldwide; particularly in Singapore, where Wi-Fi is available throughout its subway system, and stores have been appearing since the holiday season on the station walls.

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