Place Stanislas exhibits world’s first botanical QR code

QR Code

QR Code
The gardens at Place Stanislas in Nancy, France, are a well-traveled tourist attraction and source of national pride. The gardens have been undergoing renovations recently to make way for new flora more appropriate for the seasonal change. Instead of leaving large swaths of naked earth for all to see during the renovation, the garden’s tenders have taken a somewhat innovative approach. The garden is now home to the world’s first botanical QR code.

The code is a temporary addition to the garden and spans more than 40 square feet. It is made up of several flowering plants that are young enough not to obscure the structure of the code itself. The code is fully functional and can be scanned by any smart phone capable of scanning barcodes. When scanned, the code resolves to a mobile website containing information on events that are held at Place Stanislas.

QR codes have been making quite an impression of late. The codes have been used extensively in marketing campaigns, but have recently begun making an appearance in museums and other cultural sites. The codes have, thus far, been invaluable in connecting with tech-savvy consumers that are eager to participate in the latest mobile craze.

The botanical code will remain throughout the month. Gardeners will tend to the code to ensure that it can be scanned throughout the duration of its stay at Place Stanislas.

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