Mobile push notifications are surprisingly effective

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Businesses looking to boost customer engagement may need to alter their smartphone advertising.

Mobile push notifications may not have nearly the reputation they deserve. At the moment, brands are facing a near crisis in app engagement. In order to help address this issue, many companies are attempting to return lapsed users to engagement via many means. Among those methods are push notifications.

A major barrier to success has been that mobile device owners will stop using apps over time.

They may love the application when they first download it but as the novelty wears off, usage dwindles. A recent Localytics study revealed that mobile push notifications are more helpful than many thought. Push notifications are a common re-engagement strategy for apps. The Localytics research examined the first half of 2016. It analyzed the effectiveness of push notification campaigns for several purposes. Primarily, they looked into their ability to drive engagement through reminders of the app and by making special offers.

Mobile push notifications may use discounts and special offers to bring users back to their apps.

texting mobile push notifications adsOther key findings from the Localytics research included:


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• Users who enable push notifications are typically more likely to be engaged than people who turn them off. Users with enabled push notifications log 53 percent more sessions per month than those who haven’t enabled them. A session is an app usage, regardless of how long.
• Those with push notifications are far more likely to be retained beyond the first month. On average, 62 percent of those with enabled push notifications will come back to the mobile app after the first month of having downloaded. Among those without the notifications, only 27 percent did the same.
• Mobile push notifications boost longevity. Three months after the initial download, 41 percent of those with the notifications were still using the app. On the other hand, among those with push disabled, only 18 percent were still using the application three months after download.

While this mobile marketing technique clearly does not remedy all engagement issues for app developers, it is clear from the study results that it can make a considerable difference.

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