Branded QR codes added to GOQR generator tool

Perspective book series branded QR Codes

The quick response codes are in black and white as well as in color and allow for logo and image incorporation.

Branded QR codes are becoming more readily available. They may become the key to overcoming one of the main criticisms of quick response codes: ugliness. Traditionally, they are exclusively black and white pixilated squares.

GOQR generator has become the latest QR code creator to incorporate images and logos.

The GOQR generator has joined a number of other services that are now allowing for branded QR codes. These can help to make the barcodes far more appealing to both marketers and consumers, alike. The ugliness of the traditional quick response codes was considered problematic in the marketing world. A great deal of time and effort go into designing a print ad. These advertisements are expensive to create and to run when they are sent out in large publications. To be forced to give up precious space to incorporate an ugly black and white barcode has been frustrating to many marketers.

With branded QR codes, the barcode can be better incorporated into the overall look of the ad.

Perspective book series branded QR CodesThe hope is that the QR codes will not only look better when viewed but that it will also increase the appeal of scanning them. These barcodes have been successfully used in a range of different circumstances and purposes. They are frequently seen in educational and informational circumstances such as in museums and tourist attractions. They have also been worked into some voting systems and mobile payments.

The founder of GOQR, Arthur Ergen, said “QR Codes have become an impeccable part of most of the products today. Our QR Code generator can transform any logo into a perfectly readable QR Code.”

That specific generator can be used for the conversion of a company logo or other branded image into a barcode without being required to alter the colors or change the design. It helps to make the barcodes a more relevant part of marketing materials while helping consumers to better recognize a product or company and its message.

Branded QR codes may also increase the trustworthiness of a barcode. Mobile device users can know that these barcodes are more likely to be associated with a specific company or brand because of the visual cue. This may boost the odds of success for a given print campaign.

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