Mobile marketing introduced in new Toys ‘R’ Us campaign

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

This massive toy store has recognized that its customers are smartphone carriers and this is an important opportunity.

Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed that it is moving to the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, with a new mobile marketing campaign that will use techniques such as smartphone coupons that will include barcodes that can be scanned at the point of sale in order to allow shoppers to obtain discounts.

The company is also running campaigns in a top American magazine to gain tremendous exposure.

The toy store will not only be offering the coupons, but they will be running a mobile marketing campaign in Us Magazine, on its smartphone friendly website. According to a Toys ‘R’ Us spokesperson, Meghan Kennedy, “These new mobile ads are part of the overall marketing campaign for Toys “R” Us and they complement our desktop display ads.”

Toys R Us Mobile marketingA major part of the magazine mobile marketing campaign will be the offer of discount coupons.

The banner add from the retailer that is displayed on the magazine website will encourage consumers to tap their touch screens in order to access considerable additional savings. At that point, the mobile marketing ad expands to show the consumer a site that has been optimized for the smartphone screen.

There, the consumer has the opportunity to browse among the various featured deals and obtain a more details about what they offer and how they can be used. It also steps beyond mobile marketing and provides additional features such as a store locator that will assist the consumer in finding the nearest brick and mortar store to where they currently are.

When it comes to actually taking advantage of the mobile marketing promotions, the consumer can bring their device into the store with them and display the smartphone friendly coupon. At the point of sale, the barcode from the coupon on the screen of the device can be scanned in order to activate the discount so that it will reduce the final price.

Kennedy went on to describe the mobile marketing campaign by saying that “We continue to look for ways to reach shoppers on their mobile devices, as mobile is a key channel for Toys ‘R’ Us, providing customers the opportunity to get great deals anytime.”

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