Mobile marketing agreement reached between Google and Mondelez

mobile marketing opportunity

The sweets company and the search engine giant have come to a worldwide strategic deal.

Mondelez International – a well known global manufacturer of biscuits, candy, gum, and chocolate – has just announced that it has reached a worldwide mobile marketing strategic agreement deal with Google.

The entire focus of the deal is on targeting smartphones and tablets in various types of advertising and promotions.

Mobile marketing has made up the exclusive element of this partnership, but it will entail a number of different parts of this broad category, including smartphone and tablet friendly search, display, and websites. This type of step is being taken by a growing number of companies who are taking note of the importance of new consumer devices for internet and web access.

mobile marketing opportunityThis mobile marketing agreement is one element of a massive commitment by Mondelez International to its customers.

Mondelez explained that it has made a considerable commitment in which it intends to invest 10 percent of its global advertising budget on mobile marketing activations throughout the entire customer experience. They realize that smartphones and tablets play a much more complex role in the lives of consumers than previously used devices.

According to Bonin Bough, the Mondelez International vice president of global media and consumer engagement, “Mobile is a means to reach consumers where they live and interact.” He pointed out that smartphones are the single device that consumers who own them will bring with them no matter where they are.

Bough pointed out that “By 2016, 67 percent of the global population will have a mobile phone and nearly half of the population will have smartphones.” This has driven Mondelez International to have to take a different perspective when it comes to the way that they engage with consumers.

They have identified their purpose as to now become one of the leading users of mobile marketing in the world. Bough stated that they believe that by working with Google, they will have the advantage that they need to be able to achieve this goal. They feel that this collaboration will provide Mondelez International with a considerable competitive advantage, especially in the emerging markets that are experiencing the largest and fastest growth.

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