Augmented reality allows a T-Rex to leap from printed pages

augmented reality idinosaur

Certainly, the last thing you’d want is a real dinosaur wandering through your living room, but the AR variety is different.

Though dinosaurs have been extinct from the Earth for many millions of years, the use of a smartphone or tablet and an augmented reality app can have Tyrannosaurus Rexes leaping out of the page of a printed book.

This can help to much more effectively illustrate what is being described on the page.

The latest features available in the iDinosaur book, include augmented reality through the use of a free app so that T-Rexes and other creatures within its pages can be brought to life for a much clearer image of what they’re all about. Text and illustrations are very helpful, but they are quite limited when compared to a digital animation that can not only move about on the page, but out of the book and into the “real” world, as well – provided that it is viewed through the device screen.

This free augmented reality experience can help to bring the past to life, even though it has been extinct for ages.

The augmented reality app allows smartphone and tablet users to bring various creatures up and out of the pages of the iDinosaur book. Those dinosaurs and other beasts can then have their movements controlled by the device user, including making it give an audible roar.


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Throughout the book, the augmented reality experience can also be extended beyond the T-Rex to being able to control a velociraptor, taking a picture of friends and family as a flying pteranodon comes swooping down toward them, or can even hatch a baby brachiosaurus out of an egg.

According to Nicole Ettinger, the head of communications at Carlton Books, the publisher of iDinosaur, “These are the books of the future that will captivate both adults and children.”

Through the use of augmented reality, the depth of the learning experience – and the sheer entertainment surrounding the topic – is intensified. This can generate far more interest about a subject and can make it more appealing to learn more about a subject that can be viewed as it comes alive before the reader’s eye.

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