Mobile commerce customer satisfaction is dropping

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Even though smartphone based shopping is gaining more quickly in popularity than desktop, people aren’t happy with it.

Mobile commerce customer satisfaction is on its way downward, according to new research. In fact, this has been the trend over the last two years, even though people are using it more often.

Recent predictions indicate that half of all online purchases will be over mobile channels by 2018.

Vanson Bourne recently conducted research on behalf of LogMeIn. What they found was that mobile devices will drive half of all purchase in 2 years from now. That said, it also found that mobile commerce customer satisfaction is continuing its downward trend. M-commerce is not living up to consumer expectations.

There were 8,000 participants in this study’s survey. They were from the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and India. Among them, only 52 percent said they were satisfied with business mobile engagement. That figure is considerably lower than last year’s figure, which was 59 percent.

Mobile commerce customer satisfaction dropped by varying amounts in different shopping sectors.

mobile commerce and desktop shoppingThe insurance sector was the least successful in living up to consumer expectations over mobile. Their satisfaction levels fell from 60 percent to 47 percent. Similarly, 64 percent of shoppers had been satisfied by the mobile retail experience last year and that fell to 55 percent this year.

The main complaint about m-commerce is with the amount of support offered over apps and the mobile web. Seventy two percent of consumers have abandoned a mobile shopping experience because of this struggle. They said the challenge to initiate contact with a business was too great, so they gave up. This led them to discover the offers and products from rival companies.

The majority of respondents (91 percent) said they think it should be possible to contact a real person. They think this should be available at all times over mobile commerce. Mobile commerce customer satisfaction is also low because 74 percent think proactive chat should be available. That said, mobile chat is typically not offered on most mobile websites. Among all respondents, 85 percent said they wouldn’t go back to a business after having had a bad mobile experience.

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